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Karui Tray by Gam Fratesi for Skultuna

Beautiful, versatile polished brass trays made using metal spinning, a classic Skultuna production technique. The leather inserts come from the leading Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, famous for their high quality leather and located close to Skultuna in Sweden.

As exemplified in Karui Trays, GamFratesi's designs are derived creatively by a fusion of tradition and renewal in an experimental approach to chosen materials and techniques.

Designer: GamFratesi, 2015
Manufacturer: Skultuna
     Small: 5.5"diameter | Ink Blue Leather
     Medium: 9.5"diameter | Dark Green Leather
     Large: 13.4"diameter | Ivory Leather


  • Polished Brass
  • Tärnsjö Leather insert
  • Made in Sweden

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