Monica Förster Copper Flower Pots


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Monica Förster Copper Flower Pots

Staying true to the traditional production methods, Monica Förster and her design studio came up with a series of Flower Pots made in the very old method of metal spinning. Metal spinning is a production method that has been in constant use during the last centuries in Skultuna, and makes it possible to make large round three dimensional objects out of sheet metal. The Flower Pots resemble classical pots made of terra-cotta with a small inclination in the lower part.

Designer: Monica Förster, 2012
Manufacturer: Skultuna

  • Mini flower pot- 5.9"diameter | 4.5"h
  • Small flower pot- 7.5"diameter | 5.5"h
  • Medium flower pot- 10.5"diameter | 8.3"h
  • Large flower pot- 15.7"diameter | 12.2"h


  • Copper
  • Made in Sweden

Care Instructions: Do not place the flower pot on top of delicate surfaces, possibility of tarnishing if wet underneath (also through condensation). Use a tray underneath if unsure.

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