Cameron Pappas

Cameron Pappas Photographer Bio Pic

Cameron Pappas is an emerging force in photographic arts. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of San Diego where he studied photography in Paris. His work was considered among the top in his group.

Cameron's photography  evokes the relationship between man and nature. His pieces are not intended to be decorative, but rather to inspire and challenge each viewer to look deeper. Each piece is quietly waiting to reveal what the viewer discovers.

Sometimes incorporating double exposure techniques and multiple photographic layers, Pappas uses his lens to tell a varied and moving tale.

Previously available only to a limited group of collectors, family and friends who purchased his work, Cameron's photography is available now for the first time to the public.

Artist's Statement:
"I believe there is no one type of photography an artist should focus on. I like to explore all different types of photography and go with what catches my interest at the time, whether that be a photo I have seen or an experience or place I have been. There are countless ways to find inspiration for new work. The joy is in the pursuit." - Cameron Pappas