Hans Wegner CH25 Lounge Chair


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    Walnut Lacquer

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Wegner CH25 Lounge Chair

Casually classic, the CH25 chair derives a sense of lightness from its tapered legs and the dynamic angle of its back legs. The seat is suspended from the front legs in a construction that is both beautiful and practical, allowing the paper cord weave to continue uninterrupted around the seat.

Approximately 400m of paper cord is used when making the special weave to hide the knots, taking a skilled weaver eight to twelve hours hours to complete the chair.

Made in Denmark.

Designer: Hans Wegner, 1950
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 28"w | 28.7"d | 28.7"h | 13.8"h seat
Construction: Solid oak and paper cord.

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