Wegner Shell Chair CH07


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    Kvadrat Canvas 2 974
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    Kvadrat Remix 3 0762
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    Kvadrat Canvas 2 124
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    Kvadrat Remix 2 823
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    Kvadrat Remix 2 443
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    Kvadrat Remix 2 923
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    Gabriel Capture 4001
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    White Leather Loke 7160
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    Dark Red Leather Thor 332
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    Black Leather Thor 301
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    Cowhide Black and White
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    Cowhide Brown and White
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CH07 Shell Chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn

Hans Wegner designed the Shell Chair in 1963 with the intent of creating an innovative, comfortable, and unique chair that looked beautiful from all angles. At the time of design, production of formed laminated veneer was still extremely rare.

Like many things that are ahead of their times, the Shell Chair was not fully appreciated or popular until over 30 years after its original design when it became a highly sought after item at Sotheby's auction house.

Designers now fondly call the Shell chair "the chair that smiles."

Designer: Hans Wegner, 1963
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 36.2"w | 32.7"d | 29.1"h | 13.8" h seat

Available in a wide range of beautiful upholstery and wood combinations.

Contact us, we'd love to assist you with custom options.

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