Ole Wanscher Colonial Sofa


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Ole Wanscher Colonial Sofa

Based on the same core design as the Colonial Armchair, the Colonial sofa reflects Wanscher’s penchant for the delicate and refined, as well as for his fascination with furniture design from 18th century England and the Colonial era. He wished to create furniture that paid tribute to classic conservative trends, but also stood the test of time.

The Colonial Sofa is a beautiful, well-crafted and stable sofa with a simple and refined aesthetic that exemplifies Danish Design. The slender easily-swung armrests rise to an elegant point before descending straight down to the floor. The seat is made of hand-woven cane. 

Designer: Ole Wanscher, 1964
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 48.8"w | 27.2"d | 33.1"h | 18.1" seat height

Available in Carl Hansen & Son's full range of beautiful fabrics and leathers. 

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