Chilewich Basketweave Woven Floor Mat


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    Basketweave Denim
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    Basketweave Latte
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    Basketweave Khaki
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    Basketweave Earth
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    Basketweave Oyster
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    Basketweave Titanium
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    Basketweave Bark
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    Basketweave Carbon
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Basketweave Woven Floor Mat

One of the oldest and simplest of weaving constructions, Chilewich's four-over-four Basketweave has become the most important vehicle for expressing our unique color point of view - from deep earth tones, to shades of metal, to their personal interpretation of brights. Chilewich's signature Basketweave continues to be the foundation for their expanding collection of textiles. Basketweave floor mats are customizable and come self-bound.

Manufacturer: Chilewich
     Small: 23"w | 36"d
     Medium: 35"w | 48"d
     Large: 46"w | 72"d
     X-Large: 72"w | 106.5"d
     Small Runner: 26"w | 72"d
     Large Runner: 30"w | 106"d


  • Durable and Easy to Clean
  • Phthalate Free
  • Customizable (call or email for quotes)
  • Best suited for dry areas
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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