Constance Pappalardo

Born in Lima, Peru, Constance Pappalardo studied painting at The Art Students League and at The School of Visual Arts, in New York City. She is member of The Visual Art Exchange and Artspace in Raleigh and of The Durham Art Guild in Durham.

Constance is best known for her richly pigmented water color on canvas paintings, as well as her more minimalistic black and white paintings. A recipient of various art awards, her works are included in corporate collections and private collections in the states, throughout Europe and her native Peru.

Of the black and white works featured in this collection, Constance offered the following artist's statement:

"Most of the black & white verticals were born out of the genius of others, such as Mozart and Bach. When I am listening to a piece of classical music and I close my eyes, what I see is the lines, the vibrations and explosions of the sounds, the notes, the music. It always comes to me that way. And in black and white, never color, perhaps referencing the notes and sheet music I have seen throughout my life."

"In the past year, I have incorporated text, sometimes handwritten, sometimes in stamped letters. I love to watch the viewer stand and try to read the possible coded message….is there a hidden message or is it just random letters? This interaction between the art and the viewer interests me. Because there are recognizable letters, there is a chance to make sense out of this abstraction. Order out of chaos is possible."  - Constance Pappalardo, 2016

In addition to her collaboration with us, Constance is represented by Joe Rowand Fine Art and Charlotte Art Consultants.

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