Eva Zeisel, 1906 - 2011

Eva ZeiselBorn in Budapest, Eva Zeisel studied ceramics and worked in Germany in the 1920s, in Russia in the 1930s and arrived in America in 1938 with $64 in her pocket, following a period of imprisonment in Stalinist Russia. What followed was a career that helped to change the design and craftsmanship scene in the US. Zeisel taught, designed furniture, produced beautiful ceramics, porcelain and glass, and traveled back to Hungary, Russia, and the UK to work with world-famous manufacturers throughout her long life.

Her work was successfully commercialized as Zeisel was an artist who was able to work with her hands on the potter's wheel as well as through mass production. Such was the case with the formal yet modern Museum dinner service commissioned by MoMA, designed between 1942-45, and manufactured by the Castleton China Company in New Castle, PA. Then came her successful Town & Country pattern for Red Wing Pottery in 1946.

Edgar Kaufmann Jr.'s preface of EvaZeisel, Designer for Industry, summarizes her contribution this way: "Vital rhythms and decisive accents have kept [Zeisel's] designs memorable over the years. Thus Zeisel emerges as a key figure in that civilized augmentation of orthodox modern design, which makes more sense now than it did in its own time, now when perforce we must observe so many insipid stylistic lucubrations and the hectic caperings of post-modernism. The importance of Eva Zeisel's work is more than historic, it is pertinent to the condition of design today."

In 2009, at the age of 101, Zeisel designed the lovely One-O-One vase with elegant simplicity and signature curves.

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