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 Adnet Circulaire Mirror by Gubi

Few designers have succeeded in making a mirror a design icon, Jacques Adnet is the exception. Today, the elegant leather mirror that Adnet designed in 1950 provides inspiration for designers all over the world. His style is the epitome of luxury, so his 1950's collaboration with the exclusive French fashion house Hermés was a natural. In association with Hermés, Adnet developed a collection of voluptuous leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. This distinctive, round leather mirror with equestrian inspired detailing is a perfect example of Adnet's designs at that time.

Designer: Jacques Adnet, 1950
Manufacturer: GUBI
     Small: 17.7"Ø | 35.4"h | 2.9"d
     Medium: 22.8"Ø | 45.6"h | 2.9"d
     Large: 27.5"Ø | 27.5"h | 2.9"d


  • Available in black, olive, or tan leather with buckles burnished in brass
  • The length of the leather strap that supports the mirror is in direct proportion to the mirror diameter
  • In-stock items ship within 1-2 weeks

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