Hans Wegner Dining Table CH322


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Hans Wegner Dining Table CH322

An elegant dining table that showcases Hans Wegner's innovative wood and stainless steel construction. With clean, minimalist design, it is an expandable rectangular table that is popular as a dining or conference table. 

Designer: Hans Wegner, 1960
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 37.4"w | 63"l | 28.3"h
With 2 additional leaves: 37.4"w | 110.2"l | 28.3"h
With 4 additional leaves: 37.4"w | 157.4"l | 28.3"h

Construction: The table can accommodate up to four extension leaves and up to three supporting legs. The inserts can be order separately although it is advisable to order with the table in order to avoid variation in color. The table top is either solid wood or white laminate. The leaves are made from solid wood, MDF, linoleum, or white laminate. The stainless steel frame that joins the stainless steel legs to the table top provides an exceptionally light and stable construction.


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