Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair - Classic Lacquered Colors


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    Beech Black Lacquer
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    Olive Green Lacquer

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Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone Chair in Classic Lacquered Colors by Carl Hansen & Søn

The Wishbone Chair is a triumph of craftsmanship and one of Hans Wegner's most celebrated works. Available in a wide array of beautiful lacquered beech colors with a hand-woven seat in natural paper cord and carved back.

Requiring more than 120 meters of durable paper cord and 100 steps to make, this classic beauty will instantly upgrade a room and feel as modern a century from now as it did when Hans Wegner first designed the chair more than six decades ago.

Designer: Hans J. Wegner, 1949
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 21.7"w | 20.1"d | 29.5"h | 17.7" seat height

Available in Carl Hansen & Son's full range of beautiful natural wood and lacquer color options.

In addition to Beech, the color Black is also available on an oak frame, through which you can see a more visible woodgrain.

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