Michael Barringer

Born and raised in North Carolina, artist Michael Barringer holds a degree in English Literature from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Throughout his prolific life as an artist, Michael has found inspiration in poetry, novels, religious history, anthropology, biology, cosmology, and art history. "How does the world fit together from its many parts, and what drives our need to know and create and seek the spiritual," he reflects.

Key influences in Michael's work include poets TS Eliot, Wallace Stevens, Kenneth Rexroth, and Walt Whitman. Michael also describes Brice Marden, James Bishop, Willem deKooning, Paul Klee, and Kurt Schwitters as visual artists of great importance for him. Michael's father, who loved gardening and the outdoors, his mother, who is an avid reader, and his grandfathers, who worked with their hands as a stonecutter and a blacksmith, also shaped his interests and artistic abilities.

Of his artistic philosophy Michael says, "Authentic expression presenting itself as an inevitable presence: that is the artistic goal for me. And a well-crafted surface is mandatory."

Michael has lived for many years with his wife and three children outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, reading, and spending meaningful time with family in addition to his artistic pursuits.

His work is held in private and public collections across the United States.

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