Muuto Reflect Sideboard


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  • Sold out 41.5" Natural Oak
  • Sold out 41.5" Black Oak
  • Sold out 70.9" Natural Oak
  • Sold out 70.9" Black Oak

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Muuto Reflect Sideboard

The Reflect Sideboard is a storage unit with a considerable length that works in both a living room and larger office spaces. With a curved surface in a sturdy frame, the Reflect Sideboard is a modern take on the classic mid-century modern Scandinavian style.

Designer: Søren Rose Studio, 2011 & 2013
Manufacturer: Muuto
Dimensions: Small: 41.5"w | 17.1"d | 27.3"h
                          Large: 70.9"w | 17.1"d | 27.3"h


  • Small has two storage doors and Large has two storage doors plus 2 drawers
  • Large has two storage doors and two drawers
  • Board with oak veneer on top gets cut out and glued together
  • Fronts are CNC cut with oak veneer on top
  • Legs are solid Oak
  • Treated with oil
  • Quickship. In-stock inventory ships within 2-4 weeks when available

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