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Nani Marquina Losanges Rug by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

With the Losanges collection, the Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient Kilim techniques.

Technically complex, the Losanges collection requires great skill due to the combination of 13 colors in the geometric rhombus pattern, a great challenge for the craftsmen of northern Pakistan.

Aside from the handcraft techniques involved, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand to achieve unique color tones that make each rhombus different, and each rug a unique item.

Eichler Twin Gable House Photos:
Project Architect: Ryan Leidner
Photography: Joseph Fletcher Photography

Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2011
Manufacturer: Nani Marquina
  Small: 5'5" x 8'0" (165 x 245 cm)
  Medium: 7'7" x 9'10" (230 x 300 cm)
  Large: 9'6" x 13'5" (290 x 410 cm)

Available in custom sizes for $157 per square foot.

Contact us, we'd love to assist with your order.

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