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Nani Marquina Blur Rug by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The sequence of geometric shapes and repetition found in the Blur Rug are definitive hallmarks of the Bouroullec brothers.

Their mastery, meticulousness, and tireless ability to always go a step further, led them to work on Blur, a collection that offers two different readings. When viewing the rug from afar, an indefinite, unfocused surface is apparent, which gives its name to the collection. But upon approaching the rug, lines and rhythmic rhombuses in different proportions are revealed in the purest kinetic style.

This blurred effect has been achieved by inverting the sequence in which the kilims are traditionally woven, which makes the process much more laborious. This change in weaving causes the lines to be blurred, mixing two colours unevenly, creating a rug with an aged look, reminiscent of the past.

Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2018
Manufacturer: NaniMarquina
     5'7" x 7'10" (170 x 240 cm)
     6'7" x 9'10" (200 x 300 cm)
     8'2" x 11'6" (250 x 350 cm)
     9'10" x 13'1" (300 x 400 cm)
     2'5" x 13'1" (75 x 398 cm)

Construction: 100% hand-loomed Afghan wool.

Available to order in custom sizes for $97 per square foot.

Contact us, we'd love to assist with your order.

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