Ethnicraft Teak Bok Dining Table - Fixed

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Teak Bok Dining Table by Ethnicraft

Now available in teak, the best-selling Bok Dining Table. 

With a delicate slenderness that conceals solid construction, Ethnicraft's Teak Bok Dining Table is subtle in its expression of beauty. Precision crafted corners showcase the carefully considered design.

**PLEASE NOTE** Unlike the Oak Bok, the Teak Bok comes completely unfinished. The teak is raw such that the natural teak oils are able to rise to the surface.  However, this lack of finish leaves the table susceptible to "patina" or markings from everyday use. If you prefer a low-maintenance or zero maintenance finish, Ethnicraft's Teak Dining Tables are not recommended. If you would like to seal the table yourself to decrease the amount of maintenance required, Ethnicraft recommends Ciranova Oculto Oil to seal the teak. This oil is available for purchase, please contact us to inquire.

Designer: Alain van Havre
Manufacturer: Ethnicraft
     10157: 55"w | 31"d | 30"h
     10158: 63"w | 32"d | 30"h
     10159: 71"w | 35"d | 30"h
     10160: 79"w | 37"d | 30"h
     10161: 87"w | 37"d | 30"h
     10162: 94"w | 39"d | 30"h


  • Solid UNFINISHED Teak, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Council

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