bruunmunch PLAY Lamé Dinner Table - Extendable


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  • Sold out No Extensions: 71"
  • Sold out 1 Matching Wood Extension: 91"
  • Sold out 1 Black MDF Extension: 91"
  • Sold out 2 Matching Wood Extensions: 110"
  • Sold out 2 Black MDF Extensions: 110"
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  • Sold out
    Oak Soap
  • Sold out
    Oak White Oil
  • Sold out
    Oak Oil
  • Sold out
    Oak Smoked Oil
  • Sold out
    Walnut Oil

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bruunmunch PLAY Lamé Dinner Table - Extendable

PLAY Lamé Extendable is available with up to two extension leaves. Soft curves, robust materials and superb Danish craftsmanship ensure that the PLAY dinner table will become more beautiful over time in sync with the soul of the family. PLAY is the dining table from where there will be laughter, delicious food and memory making.

Also available as the PLAY Lamé Fixed Dinner Table.

Designer: Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch
Manufacturer: bruunmunch
 No Extensions: 70.87"w | 40.34"d | 28.74"h
 With 1 Extension Leaf: 70.87" - 90.55"w | 40.34"d | 28.74"h
 With 2 Extension Leaves: 70.87" - 110.24"w | 40.34"d | 28.74"h

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