Shelton Mindel SM Tables


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Shelton Mindel SM Tables

Inspired by M.C. Escher, the SM Table features a continuously looping base with no apparently beginning or end. The dynamic frame supports a floating top, evoking notes Mies and Florence.

Designers: Peter Shelton & Lee Mindel, 2006
Manufacturer: Knoll
SM9 Side Table: 24"w | 24"d | 18"h
SM91 Small Coffee Table: 42"w | 24"d | 14"h
SM92 Large Coffee Table: 48"w | 30"d | 14"h
SM93 Square Coffee Table: 40"w | 40"d | 14"h

Construction: Frame is constructed of seamless stainless steel. White bases are coated in a tough, abrasion-resistant Rilsan finish. Polished bases are stainless steel, hand buffed to a mirror finish. Tops rest on four transparent silicon spacers. Three top options: 3/4" thick clear glass with a 1/8" wide bevel, top and edges have a slight green tint; 3/4" thick Starphire glass with a bevel edge and a white painted underside; 3/4" thick natural black cleft slate with beveled edge. Glides are included with the table base.

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