Antoni Arola BlancoWhite Lighted Tables


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Antoni Arola BlancoWhite Lighted Tables

Beautiful multifunctional objects created by mounting ultra-thin LED panels under the tops, these innovative lighted tables can be used as desklights, stackable shelves, or display cases.

Designer: Antoni Arola, 2012
Manufacturer: Santa & Cole

Model Dimensions & Specifications:
E1: 8.7" cube | 20W LED 12V
E2: 19"w | 3.9"d | 10.2"h | 8W LED 12V
M1: 23.3"w | 7.1"d | 11.8h | 22W LED 12V
M2: 32.7"w | 6.3"d | 7.9"h | 35W LED 12V

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