Guardian Wood Soap



Guardian Wood Soap 200mL

Guardian Wood Soap is used for treatment and protection of unlacquered / unvarnished wood, and is manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son's preferred soap treatment. Made of palm kernel oil and coconut oil with no preservatives, colouring agents, optical brighteners, bleaching agents or similar substances. 

Guardian recommends you to treat soap-finished furniture up to 6 times a year, or according to the directions of the furniture producer.

User instructions:

  • If the wood is dirty/soiled, clean with Guardian Wood Cleaner prior to treatment.
  • Shake well before use and apply an even layer of Wood Soap all over the furniture.
  • Always work along the grain of the wood.
  • Leave the Wood Soap to dry for about 30 minutes, and then polish after with a clean microfiber or non-fluffy cloth.
  • When treating tabletops, both sides of the tabletop should be treated. If, after treatment, soap residues are found on the wood, they should be removed with a moist cloth.

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