HAAND Ripple Series Tableware | Place Settings


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    White Porcelain
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    Cloudware Porcelain
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    Sand Porcelain
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    Coral Porcelain
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    Robin's Egg Porcelain
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    Celadon Porcelain
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    Clementine Porcelain
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HAAND Ripple Series Tableware | Place Settings 

A Palette & Parlor Online Exclusive

Handmade in North Carolina to last a lifetime. Lead-free and food-safe Slip Cast Cone 10 Porcelain available in 15 color choices. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Slight variations in color and texture are natural results of the process.

Manufacturer: HAAND
Sauce Plate: 4"w | 3"w | .5"h
Roll Plate:     4"w | 4"w | .5"h
Side Plate:    6.5"w | 6.5"w | .5"h
Salad Plate:  8"w | 8"w | .5"h
Dinner Plate: 11"w | 11"w | .5"h
Charger Plate: 13"w | 13"w | .5"h
Mug: 3"w | 3"w | 3"h
Saucer Plate: 5"w | 4"w | .5"h

Full 7-piece Setting: Includes all plates + Mug and Saucer.
5-Piece Setting: Includes Roll Plate, Side Plate, Salad Plate, Dinner Plate, Mug and Saucer.
3-Piece Setting: Includes Dinner Plate, Side Plate, Mug and Saucer.

When you throw a stone into a small pool, the ripples move out from the central point of impact, spread until they hit the edges of the pool- the rocks, the logs, the shore. If you continue to watch, and the pool is still enough, the waves travel back from where they impacted and move towards the center, changed from their contact and no longer circular. If you can read the language, the waves are telling a story of the space they traveled in.

The Ripple series is an attempt to freeze and recreate this phenomena. Perhaps these plates can carry the memory of meals shared on them in the same way the ripples carry the memory of the space they moved through. Nested, they capture the moment the stone entered the pool. Spread out as a table setting, they evoke the way a summer rain hits the still surface of a pool.

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