Master Cabinetmaker's Wood Oil


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Master Cabinetmaker's Wood Oil

Danish Master Cabinetmaker's Wood Oil is for the maintenance of untreated or oiled furniture made from hardwoods including oak, teak, walnut, mahogany, beech, and ash.

This turpentine-free oil is based on the finest and cleanest oils, is water resistant, and protects the wood from desiccation.

Made in Denmark.

Apply the oil evenly on new or newly cleaned wood. Use a brush, soft sponge, or a lint free cloth. Always work in the direction of the grain. When treating table tops, remember to also treat both sides. Drying time: Approximately 3-hours.

Shake well before use.

Always test the product on a non-visible spot prior to use.

Keep out of the reach of children.

20 oz / 591ml

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