Mogens Koch Bookcase MK40880


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Mogens Koch Bookcase MK 40880

When Mogens Koch drew the first lines of his bookcase system in 1928, he created a shape with flexible storage and enduring appeal. The system with its square bookcase units offers almost endless flexibility with countless elements. Characteristic of both the design and the craftsmanship are the beautiful dovetail and rabbet joints, which create strength and stability in each module.

The MK40880 bookcase is square and reversible, with six sections in total. When turned in position with low sections it is ideal for books of smaller formats. Turning the bookcase, it is ideal for books of larger formats. The bookcase can be wall hung or placed on Plinth.

Made in Denmark.

Designer: Mogens Koch, 1928
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Total: 29.9"w | 10.9"d | 29.9"h
Each Compartment: 14.9"w |  10.9"d | 9.7"h

Mogens Koch Product Spec Sheet

Available in a wide variety of configurations. 

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