L.Ercolani Originals Windsor Saddle Stool


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ercol Originals Windsor Saddle Stool

A practical side stool with a solid elm seat molded for comfort, and turned beech legs tapered in Ercol's signature style. 

Designer: Lucian Ercolani 
Manufacturer: Ercol
Dimensions: 15.4"w | 14.6"d | 27.2"h


  • Solid beech and Elm.
  • Features a Windsor wedge joint, where the leg of the stool goes right through the seat. A wedge is then inserted into a cut in the leg, forming a remarkably strong joint. Sanded off flush with the seat, the joint then provides a beautiful design element.
  • Available in a wide range of environmentally-friendly water based stains or paint finishes.

Made in the UK.

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