L.Ercolani Romana Sideboard Small


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Romana Small Sideboard by ercol

This stylish oak sideboard provides a generous storage cupboard and three drawers.  The front edge of the sideboard top bears the signature soft curve, and the legs have the fluid organic curves and chamfers that characterize Romana. Wave-shaped cut-out recesses provide the door and drawer handles, another design signature of the range.

Designer: ercol Design Studio
Manufacturer: Ercol
Dimensions: 42.5"w | 17.7"d | 29.5"h


  • Solid oak in a dead matte finish to both protect and show off the wood's natural beauty.
  • Cupboard section has a wooden shelf mounted on pins that can be adjusted in height. 
  •  Soft-close mechanisms on drawers and doorhandles to give a gentle shut.

Wood is a natural product and will vary in color, grain, and structure. 

Made in the UK.

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