Better Know a Furniture Maker...Carl Hansen & Son

Better Know a Furniture Maker...Carl Hansen & Son

Better Know a Furniture Maker: Carl Hansen and Son at Palette and Parlor
Better know a furniture maker! Meet century-old furniture maker Carl Hansen & Son. Browse these exquisite Hans Wegner designs as shown in their new Los Angeles showroom and get inspired; it's Danish Design at its most beautiful.
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Carl Hansen & Son Exterior Shot Products Available at Palette and ParlorFounded in Odense, Denmark in 1908, Carl Hansen & Son has been making exquisitely crafted furniture for more than a century. The designs produced today were primarily designed by leading Danish architects and cabinet makers, Hans Wegner foremost among them, between 1930 and 1960, with vision and craftsmanship that has always ensured their longevity.

Carl Hansen & Son uses wood exclusively from Sustainably Managed Forests

Using wood exclusively from sustainably-managed forests, Carl Hansen & Son combines traditional woodworking techniques with the latest technologies to produce beautifully-rendered, timeless furniture.  

Skilled craftsmen and women work with pride and dedication to ensure the same level of quality in every single piece of furniture that leaves Carl Hansen & Son's factory in Aarup, Denmark.

Below you can see a tattoo of Wegner's iconic Wishbone Chair on the arm of master weaver Benny Larsen, who has been expertly weaving paper cord for decades.

Wegner Wishbone Chair Tattoo on Dedicated Carl Hansen & Son Craftsman Benny LarsenWith a flagship store in Copenhagen, Carl Hansen & Son has grown rapidly around the world, and in addition to their authorized dealer network, of which we here at Palette & Parlor are a proud member, Carl Hansen & Son now has two US showrooms. One is in New York, and their West Coast Showroom in Los Angeles opened in March 2015. These showrooms feature Danish Design at it's best and most beautiful, as you can see by scrolling through the gorgeous photos below.  

So take a look and get inspired!  And call us  or come by our showroom when you're ready to place an order to make one of these stunning pieces of Danish furniture your very own. Be forewarned that once you sit down in a Hans Wegner or Frits Henningsen Chair, you may want to stay awhile! We look forward to assisting you with fabric, leather, and finish samples.

Carl Hansen Los Angeles Showroom CH008 Coffee Tables Aerial View

Carl Hansen Los Angeles Showroom Wegner Shell Chairs

Carl Hansen Los Angeles Showroom Wishbone Chairs and Wegner Dining Table Vignette

Carl Hansen Los Angeles Showroom Wegner CH25 Chair available at Palette and Parlor

Carl Hansen and Son LA Showroom, Wegner CH33 Chairs available at Palette and Parlor  

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