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Alain van Havre

Over the past 20 years Alain van Havre has played a pivotal role in creating some of Ethnicraft's most beloved designs. Deeply connected to his environment and passionate about natural materials, he has developed an exceptional expertise in woodworking.

Van Havre creates his own visual language centered around form, a translation best described in Ethnicraft collections such as the Bok, Graphic, PI, and Stairs. He believes that for someone to connect with a design, it is important to bring it closer to nature. 

In his own words:
“I’m obsessed with the freedom of movement in general, which is why I strive to escape the static in my designs and add dynamism to compositions."


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EthnicraftEthnicraft Geometric Side Table
Sale price$659.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Bok Dining Chair
Sale price$869.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Oak Bok Side Table
Sale price$709.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Oak M Rack
Sale price$2,869.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Oak Stairs Sideboard - 3 Door
Sale price$3,469.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Oak Bok Round Extendable Dining Table
Sale price$4,199.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Oak Light Frame Mirror
Sale price$819.00
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