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Anderssen & Voll

A Norwegian design duo founded by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, based in Oslo. The duo have been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian Designers of the Year and have received international awards and recognition for their work with furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

"A good product builds and expands on tradition while simultaneously breaking the rules of said tradition. Modifications and elements of surprise, even changes that are less radical, stimulate thought and reflection, also who may not hold a particular interest in design. This tiny second of reflection is the window of opportunity where we can communicate with the users and that’s what we strive to tap into.”
– Anderssen & Voll


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MuutoMuuto Outline Sofa 2-Seat
Sale price$4,195.00
MuutoMuuto Outline Sofa 3-Seat
Sale price$4,595.00
MuutoMuuto Outline Sofa - 3 1/2 Seat
Sale price$6,949.00
MuutoMuuto Outline Daybed
Sale price$3,149.00
MuutoMuuto Rest Sofa 3-Seater
Sale price$4,895.00
MuutoMuuto Rest Sofa 2-Seat
Sale price$4,395.00
MuutoMuuto In Situ Sofa 3-Seat
Sale price$6,249.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Sofa 3-Seat
Sale price$4,395.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Sofa 2-Seat
Sale price$3,395.00
MuutoMuuto Five Pouf - Large
Sale price$1,495.00
MuutoMuuto Five Pouf - Extra Large
Sale price$3,149.00
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MuutoMuuto Outline Chair
Sale price$2,949.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Swivel Lounge Chair
Sale price$3,449.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Lounge Chair - Tube Base
Sale price$2,795.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Sofa One-Seat
Sale price$2,395.00
MuutoMuuto Doze Lounge Chair
Sale price$2,949.00
MuutoMuuto Doze Ottoman
Sale price$979.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Counter Stool
Sale price$995.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Barstool
Sale price$995.00
MuutoMuuto Oslo Side Chair
Sale price$909.00
MuutoMuuto Echo Pouf
Sale price$789.00
MuutoMuuto Outline Highback Lounge Chair
Sale price$3,895.00
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