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Jacques DeNeef

Jacques Deneef is an Antwerp-based designer with a fascination for basic materials such as glass, wood, leather, paper and wax. After entering the world of art via his talents in oil and acrylic painting, he now focuses his time giving used objects new leases of life, alongside design development in sectors such as jewelry, lighting, textile, furniture and decoration.

In offering objects a new existence, Jacques believes they are transformed into something new, they are made useful in some other way, ultimately resolving into their final destination: a work of art.​​​​​​


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EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Sofa Chair
Sale price$1,629.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Sofa Two Seat
Sale price$2,329.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Sofa Three Seat
Sale price$3,539.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Ottoman
Sale price$929.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Sofa Corner
Sale price$1,859.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft N701 Sofa Rounded Corner
Sale price$2,089.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Ellipse Sofa
Sale price$4,598.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Teak Jack Outdoor Lounge Chair
Sale price$2,199.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Teak Jack Outdoor Ottoman
Sale price$809.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Teak Jack Outdoor Sofa 2-Seat
Sale price$4,709.00
EthnicraftEthnicraft Teak Jack Outdoor Sofa 3-Seat
Sale price$6,449.00
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