L.ercolani Treviso Desk with Butterfly Chair and Von Bench in Home Office with Herringbone Floors


What defines real craftsmanship? A century of tradition and knowledge passed down from members of the Ercol family into the present. An enduring imprint of genuine artistry, devotion to quality and an intrinsic understanding of wood acquired from decades of studying the material’s aesthetic and structural qualities.

Established in 1920 by trained furniture maker Lucian Ercolani, Ercol and his namesake design brand L.Ercolani have been influenced by local artistry and classic British design traditions since its inception. Inspired by the pure elemental beauty of wood, the furniture echoes a modest and unadorned aesthetic, quietly encouraging purposeful interaction, collaboration and intimacy.

Born out of a deep appreciation for rich materiality, L.ercolani takes pride in creating thoughtful designs that consistently imparts a rich, tactile language. The nuances of this distinct yet classic presence continues to befit contemporary living, dining and working settings, remaining just as relevant and treasured as they were from the beginning. 



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L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Loveseat
Sale price$1,638.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals All Purpose Chair
Sale price$716.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Utility Chair
Sale price$716.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Windsor Arm Chair
Sale price$989.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Butterfly Chair
Sale price$1,035.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Stacking Chair
Sale price$716.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Flow Chair | Tomoko Azumi
Sale price$1,004.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Chairmakers Chair
Sale price$1,643.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Chairmakers Rocking Chair
Sale price$1,833.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Quaker Chair
Sale price$798.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Quaker Arm Chair
Sale price$1,035.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Treviso Desk
Sale price$3,188.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Plank Table
Sale price$2,081.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Dropleaf Table
Sale price$2,513.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Norm Architects Pennon Dining Table
Sale price$8,477.00
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Nest Sofa Small
Sale price$5,660.00
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L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Nest Sofa Large
Sale price$6,726.00
+ More
L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Studio Couch
Sale price$5,984.00
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L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Originals Windsor Saddle Stool
Sale price$314.00
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L.ErcolaniNorm Architects Reprise Lounge Chair - Webbed Seat
Sale price$2,575.00
+ More
L.ErcolaniNorm Architects Reprise Lounge Chair - Hide Seat
Sale price$3,533.00
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L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Von Bench
Sale price$1,468.00
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L.ErcolaniL.Ercolani Utility Bar and Counter Stool
Sale price$479.00


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