Furniture for life is at the heart of bruunmunch’s design philosophy. Mindful consumption and prioritizing 'quality over quantity' ensures every product crafted has a purpose. When selecting materials, bruunmunch considers their environmental footprint, prioritizing durable, certified materials with lasting longevity that come from sustainable and environmentally conscious sources.

Driven by a dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and authentic materials, bruunmunch is inspired to create designs that are not only timeless and durable, but also enhance the spaces they occupy.


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Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAY Lamé Dining Table - Fixed
Sale price$5,288.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PURE Dining Table
Sale price$2,018.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAY Lamé Dinner Table - Extendable
Sale price$5,211.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAYSwing Chair
Sale price$1,114.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAYSwing Armchair
Sale price$1,422.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAYTube Chair
Sale price$922.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAYTube Bar and Counter Stool
Sale price$922.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAY Round Dinner Table - Fixed
Sale price$3,807.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch PLAY Round Dinner Table - Extendable
Sale price$4,441.00
Bruunmunchbruunmunch Pump Arm Chair
Sale price$3,768.00
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Bruunmunchbruunmunch Emo Sofa
Sale price$5,576.00


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