Skagerak by Fritz Hansen Pelagus Dining Table and Chairs Outdoors by Pool

Skagerak By Fritz Hansen

Established in 1976 and based in Denmark, Skagerak has always made high qualityfurniture with a Nordic touch designed to age with grace and last for generations.

With a belief in sustainable and straightforward beauty, Skagerak works with skilled international designers to select materials and production methods that ensure their products will endure. Skagerak has been a member of the UN Global Compact Act since 2010, a B Corp since 2017 and FSCTM-certified since 2003.

Now part of Fritz Hansen, the Skagerak collection includes indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and lighting, encompassing both classic pieces that have been in production for decades, and new ones that have yet to write history.


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SkagerakPelagus Dining Chair
Sale price$999.00
SkagerakPelagus Arm Chair
Sale price$1,249.00
SkagerakPelagus Dining Table
Sale price$5,099.00
SkagerakPelagus Teak Sunbed
Sale price$3,499.00
SkagerakSkagerak Plank Bench
Sale price$2,225.00
SkagerakSkagerak Columbus Sunbed
Sale price$2,041.00
SkagerakSkagerak Cutter Bench
Sale price$1,324.00
SkagerakSkagerak Facet Bench
Sale price$3,285.00
SkagerakSkagerak Vent Stool
Sale price$839.00
SkagerakSkagerak Lilium Bench
Sale price$1,426.00
SkagerakSkagerak Lilium Chair
Sale price$917.00
SkagerakSkagerak Lilium Lounge Chair
Sale price$1,532.00
SkagerakSkagerak Regatta Bench
Sale price$3,465.00
SkagerakSkagerak Regatta Lounge Chair
Sale price$2,331.00
SkagerakSkagerak Skagen Bench
Sale price$1,733.00
SkagerakSkagerak Skagen Table
Sale price$1,935.00
SkagerakSkagerak Steamer Deck Chair
Sale price$1,737.00
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SkagerakSkagerak Virkelyst 2-Seat Sofa
Sale price$4,080.00
SkagerakSkagerak Virkelyst Outdoor Sofa 3-Seat
Sale price$5,299.00
SkagerakSkagerak Virkelyst Lounge Chair
Sale price$2,437.00
SkagerakSkagerak Virkelyst Ottoman
Sale price$1,617.00
SkagerakSkagerak Fionia Tray
Sale price$200.00
SkagerakFritz Hansen Skagerak Hven Armchair
Sale price$974.00
SkagerakFritz Hansen Skagerak Hven Bench
Sale price$1,199.00
SkagerakFritz Hansen Skagerak Hven Dining Table
Sale price$4,695.00
SkagerakSkagerak Jut Cabinet
Sale price$3,264.00
SkagerakFritz Hansen Skagerak Hven Dining Table - Round
Sale price$3,264.00
SkagerakFritz Hansen Skagerak Maissi Bench
Sale price$1,649.00

Skagerak By Fritz Hansen

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