Emeco Navy Aluminum Chairs for Outdoor Dining Al Fresco


Emeco began in 1944, using salvaged aluminum to make chairs for the US Navy,  a war-time necessity. That became an ongoing direction. Today they use also scrap plastic, keeping it out of oceans and landfills and turning it instead into chairs that last. A planet necessity.

“Begin with what's left over. Turn it into what will last.”


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EmecoEmeco Navy Chair
Sale price$685.00
EmecoEmeco Navy Armchair
Sale price$890.00
EmecoEmeco 1 Inch Cafe Table by Jasper Morrison
Sale price$1,000.00
EmecoEmeco 1 Inch Reclaimed Chair
Sale price$330.00
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EmecoEmeco 1951 BMW Stacking Chair
Sale price$540.00
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EmecoEmeco Broom Stacking Chair
Sale price$355.00
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EmecoEmeco Navy Wood Chair
Sale price$840.00
EmecoEmeco 111 Navy Counter and Barstool
Sale price$550.00
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EmecoEmeco 111 Navy Chair
Sale price$450.00
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