Santa Cole Tripode Floor Lamp and Cesta Table Lamp in Barcelona Stone House Lit Up in Window

Santa & Cole

Founded in 1985 in Barcelona, Santa & Cole lives for industrial design, an art that concentrates on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby inviting reflection upon the intersection of material culture, serenity, and well being. Santa & Cole edits elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements, and books – a range that is only apparently disperse, converging upon a single concern: not to accumulate, but rather to select. To choose quality over quantity.


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Santa & ColeSanta & Cole Tripode G5 Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,515.00
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Santa & ColeMiguel Milá TMC Floor Lamp
Sale price$1,695.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole Tripode G6 Table Lamp
Sale price$1,190.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole Tripode M3 Table Lamp
Sale price$945.00
Santa & ColeMiguel Milá M68 Suspension Lamp
Sale price$1,030.00
Santa & ColeMiguel Milá M64 Suspension Lamp
Sale price$1,505.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole GT5 Suspension Lamp
Sale price$1,055.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole GT6 Suspension Lamp
Sale price$885.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole GT7 Suspension Lamp
Sale price$3,255.00
Santa & ColeSanta & Cole GT1000 LED Suspension Lamp
Sale price$7,345.00

Santa & Cole

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