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Ikebana Vases by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

Japanese for "making flowers live," Ikebana is used to describe the art of arranging flowers. The beautiful vase by Jamie Hayon is true to the spirit of Ikebana. The Ikebana vase is designed to honor and enjoy the whole flower including the stem, not just the crown.

In 2016, Fritz Hansen Objects was born. These vases, pillows, poufs, throw blankets, and mirrors by world-renowned designers add a magic touch to enhance the beauty of your home.

Designer: Jaime Hayon, 2016
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen
  Small Ikebana: 4.7"w | 5.1"h  (12cm w | 13cm h)
  Large Ikebana: 9.4"w | 6.1"h  (24cm w | 15.5cm h)
  Long Ikebana: 13.2"w | 3.7"d | 3"h   (33.5cm w | 9.5cm d | 10cm h)

Construction: Thick hand-blown glass with solid brushed brass.

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