Anker Bak

Anker Bak with Rocking Nest Chair by Carl Hansen & SønWith an unconventional background, young Danish designer Anker Bak takes a highly personal approach to his work, putting quality materials, sublime craftsmanship, and ingenious functionality at the forefront of his agenda.

After apprenticing as a cabinet maker in a boatyard creating specialty fittings for yachts, Bak traveled the world working in fashion and carpentry before returning to Denmark to earn a bachelors degree in furniture design.

Bak's exceptional talents have earned him prestigious awards such as the Danish National Championship in cabinetmaking. And his values of respect for natural materials and quality craftsmanship made him an excellent match for Carl Hansen & Søn. Their first project together is the Bak's Rocking Nest Chair, a design he created when his sister needed a meditative and comfortable place to relax with her newborn baby.