Todd Bracher

Todd Bracher

Todd Bracher was born in New York, but moved to Copenhagen at the age of 24 to study design in the city where heroes such as Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjærholm had lived. After his stay in Copenhagen he moved to Paris, Milan and London before returning to his roots and moving to Brooklyn.

He has now arrived at his own take on what constitutes good design, and that vision has come to expression in the new table he has designed for Fritz Hansen; a table which can be used both for meetings and for dinner. Despite his New York roots, Todd Bracher’s work takes the Scandinavian design tradition as its reference point. It was this fascination with Scandinavian design which took him to Copenhagen to graduate from Danmarks Designskole, and it was this feeling of belonging that made him an obvious choice for Fritz Hansen.

“All design is about the delicate balance between over-designing and under-designing the object. I like the fact that the table looks as if it couldn’t have been made in any other way. It is as if it was created in one long, natural movement. It’s important for me that it doesn’t demand too many explanations. There is nothing to understand – it is just a frame and a surface." Todd Bracher

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