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Arne Jacobsen Oxford Chair

The original version of the Oxford chair was designed for the professors of St. Catherine's College in Oxford. The chair's extra tall back served as a symbol of prestige and created a space of its own. The "professor's chair" later evolved in the the Oxford series. In spite of initial protests and uproar over the commission of a foreign modernist, Arne Jacobsen received a honorary doctorate from Oxford upon completion of the project. Today, this ground breaking example of total design is considered some of Arne Jacobsen's most outstanding work.

Designer: Arne Jacobsen, 1965
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen
Low-back/fixed seat: 19.7" (23.6" w/armrest) w | 21.2"d | 35.8"h | 18.5" seat height
Medium-back, fixed seat: 19.7" (23.6" w/armrest) w | 22.4"d | 40.1"h | 18.5" (18.9") seat height
High-back/fixed seat: 19.7" (23.6" w/armrest) w | 23.6"d | 49.6" h | 18.5" seat height

     Fully Upholstered-Without Arms
Model 3171: Low back, fixed seat height, toes
     Model 3172: High back, fixed seat height, toes
     Model 3173: Medium high back, mixed seat height, toes
     Model 3191: Low back, height adjustable, tilt, 5-castors
     Model 3192: High back, height adjustable, tilt, 5-castors
     Model 3193: Medium High back, adjustable tilt, 5-castors

     Fully Upholstered-With Arms
     Model 3171: Low back, fix seat height, toes
     Model 3272: High back, fix seat height, toes
     Model 3273: Medium high back, fixed seat height, toes
     Model 3291: Low back, height adjustable, tilt, 5-castors
     Model 3292: High back, height adjustable, tilt, 5-castors
     Model 3293: Medium high back, height adjustable, tilt, 5-castors (Quick-ship:  

Construction:  The Oxford Chair base is satin-polished 5-star aluminum available in two different versions:  fixed height or adjustable height with castors. Chairs with fixed seat height have a spring function. Chairs with adjustable height have a tilt mechanism and castors with aluminum caps. Select from armless or polished aluminum arms, and High, Medium, or Low seat back in a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery options. Chair shell is made of laminated molded sliced veneer.

The Oxford series also includes a line of optional accessories (automatic return, leather arm pads, mirror chrome base, and mirror chrome base and arms). 

Oxford Chair Spec Sheet


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