Ethnicraft Oak Mikado Dining Table - Rectangular


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Oak Mikado Dining Table by Ethnicraft

Mikado is a beautifully-designed organic modern solid wood rectangular dining table with a sculptural base. Like it's sister table the Oak Circle, this Japanese puzzle-inspired rectangular table is all about inspiring your family to spend a little more time at the table.

Designer: Alain Van Havre
: Ethnicraft
      80"w | 42"d | 30"h
      94"w | 43"d | 30"h
    110"w | 43"d | 30"h

Construction & Details:

  • Solid Oak with white oil
  • Wooden legs slotted together to form a strong base
  • Quickship. In-stock items ship within 1-2 weeks
  • Local Delivery ONLY

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