Miguel Milá M64 Suspension Lamp


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M64 Suspension Lamp by Miguel Milá for Santa Cole

An exponent of a time when Spanish industrial design was just establishing itself as a professional discipline. This lamp was awarded the Golden Delta in 1964, the highest distinction for a product in Spain. The jury that year was chaired by leading Swiss designer and artist Max Bill, a champion of the Ulm School, who eloquently promoted it to the ultimate award. As a result, Miguel Milá, the designer of the lamp, affectionately called it the MaxBill Lamp. Today, it is known as the M64.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Santa & Cole is now reediting it in a LED version with minimal changes to the neck to fit the HeadLed capsule which affords greater light efficiency and quality. 

Designer: Miguel Milá, 1964
Manufacturer: Santa & Cole
Dimensions: 8.6"w | 6.3"h


  • Matte black or white aluminum, brilliant red aluminum, polished aluminum, or polished brass shade.
  • Capsule with 5W, 301 Lumens LED module, translucent diffuser and heat sink with black matte finish.
  • White or black surface mounted ceiling rosette options.
  • Electric cable length: 118".
  • Dimmable.
  • Made in Spain.
  • UL Listed.

M64 Spec Sheet

M64 Assembly Instructions

M64 Drawings 

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