Miguel Milá M64 Suspension Lamp


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Miguel Milá M64 Suspension Lamp

An exponent of a time when Spanish industrial design was just establishing itself as a professional discipline. This lamp was awarded the Golden Delta in 1964, the highest distinction for a product in Spain. The jury that year was chaired by leading Swiss designer and artist Max Bill, a champion of the Ulm School, who eloquently promoted it to the ultimate award. As a result, Miguel Milá, the designer of the lamp, affectionately called it the MaxBill Lamp. Today, it is known as the M64.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Santa & Cole is now reediting it in a LED version with minimal changes to the neck to fit the HeadLed capsule which affords greater light efficiency and quality. 

Designer: Miguel Milá, 1964
Manufacturer: Santa & Cole
Dimensions: 8.6"diameter | 6.3"h

Construction: The M64 comes in four finishes: matte black or white aluminum, polished aluminum, and polished brass. Capsule with 5W, 301 Lumens LED module, translucent diffuser and heat sink with black matte finish. White or black surface mounted ceiling rosette options. Electric cable length: 312". Dimmable. UL Listed. Made in Spain

M64 Spec Sheet

M64 Assembly Instructions

M64 Drawings 


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