Miguel Milá M68 Suspension Lamp


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M68 Suspension Lamp by Miguel Mila for Santa Cole

A hanging lamp immortalizing the silhouette of a woman's shoulders. It comprises a large aluminum shade with the cable running from the center and a tiny metal cylinder that marks the transition between the shade and the steel wire from which it hangs.

Designer: Miguel Milá, 1968
Manufacturer: Santa & Cole
Dimensions: 18.1"diameter | 8.7"h


  • 3 versions available: Polished aluminum lampshade with chrome-plated ceiling rosette, brilliant red lampshade with red rosette, or matte white with white rosette.
  • Electric cable length: 117".
  • Recommended light sources (not included): 17W LED, 20W CFL, or 100W Incandescent.
  • Made in Spain.
  • UL Listed.

M68 Spec Sheet

M68 Assembly Instructions

M68 Drawings

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