Ole Wanscher Colonial Footstool OW149F


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    Kvadrat Cava 3 223
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    Black Leather Loke 7150
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    Cream Leather Thor 300
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    Black Leather Thor 301
  • Sold out
    White Leather Thor 390
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    Cognac Leather SIF 92
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    Chestnut Leather SIF 95
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    Cowhide Brown and White
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    Cowhide Black and White
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  • Sold out Oak Soap
  • Sold out Oak Lacquer
  • Sold out Oak Oil
  • Sold out Oak White Oil
  • Sold out Oak Black Lacquer NCS S9000-N
  • Sold out Mahogany Lacquer
  • Sold out Mahogany Oil
  • Sold out Cherry Lacquer
  • Sold out Cherry Oil
  • Sold out Walnut Lacquer
  • Sold out Walnut Oil

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Ole Wanscher Colonial Footstool OW149F

A sturdy stool that perfectly compliments the OW149 chair with its simple and light design. The stool has an outstanding finish and is a beautiful object in and of itself. The seat is made of hand-woven cane.

Designer: Ole Wanscher, 1949
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
Dimensions: 23.6"w |15.8"d | 18.1"h

Available in Carl Hansen & Son's full range of beautiful fabrics and leathers.  Contact us, we'd love to assist you with custom options.


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