Skagerak Drachmann Bench


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Skagerak Drachmann Bench

Launch in 1982, Drachmann is Skagerak's longest living garden bench and still going strong. Inspired by the Danish poet and painter Holger Drachmann, the design finds a timeless balance between Nordic nostalgia and modern simplicity. Beautiful on its own, standing next to a south facing wall. Or, comfortable as a seat around a table. Long lasting in all kinds of weather. Teak ages with grace to a slivery-grey patina.

Designer: Bernt Santesson
Manufacturer: Skagerak
     Bench 120: 50.7"w | 22.8"d | 33.8" | seat height: 17.3"
     Bench 165: 64.9"w | 22.8"d | 33.8" | seat height: 17.3"
     Bench 200: 82.2"w | 22.8"d | 33.8" | seat height: 17.3"


  • 100% FSC-certified Teak

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