Carl Hansen CH008 Coffee Table by Hans Wegner


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  • Sold out 30.7"w
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    Oak Lacquer
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    Walnut Oil
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    Walnut Lacquer

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CH008 Coffee Table by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen and Son

A simple table that exemplifies great taste, Hans Wegner's CH008 Round coffee table is especially beautiful nested in pairs in a living room setting, inviting you to sit down for a great conversation or a good book. Made in Denmark.

Designer: Hans Wegner, 1954
Manufacturer: Carl Hansen & Son
  30.7"w | 17.3"h or 18.9"h or 20.9"h
  34.7"w | 17.3"h or 18.9"h or 20.9"h
  39.4"w | 17.3"h or 18.9"h or 20.9"h

Offered in three different height options for versatility in your space.

Available in Carl Hansen & Son's beautiful range of wood and finish options.

Contact us, we'd love to assist with your order.

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