bruunmunch PLAY Round Coffee Tables


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  • Sold out 29.5"
  • Sold out 35.4"
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  • Sold out Oak Soap
  • Sold out Oak White Oil
  • Sold out Oak Oil
  • Sold out Oak Smoked Oil
  • Sold out Black Stained Oak
  • Sold out Walnut Oil
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  • Sold out 12.6"
  • Sold out 15"
  • Sold out 17.3"
  • Sold out 19.7"

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bruunmunch PLAY Round Coffee Table

Perfect for nesting, PLAY coffee tables and side tables represent the signature series that marked bruunmunch as a phenomenon to be reckoned with in the world of furniture. The collection serves as a multi-functional addition to any home - singular as well as combined. PLAY coffee tables and side tables are available in 5 tabletop diameters, 4 heights, 6 wood finishes, and 5 laminate colors. This wide combination of finish options allows you to play with colors and sizes, customizing them perfectly for your space.

Designer: Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch
Manufacturer: bruunmunch

  •  29.5"Ø X 12.6"h, 15"h, 17.3"h, or 19.7"h (44cm Ø x 32cm, 38cm, 44cm, or 50cm h)
  • 35.4"Ø X 12.6"h, 15"h, 17.3"h, or 19.7"h (50 cm Ø x 32cm, 38cm, 44cm, or 50cm h)

If you would prefer black-stained oak legs to matching wood legs, please specify "Black Stained Oak Legs" in the Notes / Comments section at checkout.

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