bruunmunch PLAYTube Bar and Counter Stool


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    Sorensen Hero Leather Black
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    Sorensen Hero Leather Cognac
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  • Sold out 25.6" Counter Stool
  • Sold out 29.5" Bar Stool

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PLAYTube Bar and Counter Stool by bruunmunch

A modern Bar and Counter Stool with a classical touch.

Carefully designed curves are both intriguing and beautiful, shaping the profound character of the stool.

Made in Denmark.

Designer: Claus Simonsen and Bruunmunch Design Team
Manufacturer: Bruunmunch
  Counter Stool 65cm: 21.3"w | 20"d | 33.5"h | 25.6"h seat
  Bar Stool 75cm: 21.3"w | 20"d | 37.4"h | 29.5"h seat


  • Sørensen Hero Leather upholstered seat.
  • Black matte lacquered tubular metal legs.

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