All Plastic Chair by Jasper Morrison


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All Plastic Chair by Jasper Morrison

At first glance, the All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of the simple, classic wooden chairs that have been familiar in Europe for many decades. Utilizing a new material, the chair represents a significant advancement in the appearance and functionality of this typology.

The flattened forms of the frame are cast in a single piece, while the thin seat surface is organically shaped and the backrest more finely modelled that the back support of conventional wooden chairs. As a result, the All Plastic Chair is strikingly compact and graceful, and the combination of plastic components makes it extraordinarily comfortable. Whereas the frame consists of a more rigid, high strength polypropelene, the seat and backrest adapt to the contours of the sitter's body. The backrest is connected to the frame by twin shafts cushioned with rubber buffers, which allow it to flex gently in response to the sitter's movements, further enhancing the chair's comfort.

The combination of the two types of plastic also offer new possibilities for the color-scheme: the All Plastic Chair is exclusively available with a "two-tone" palette pairing frames in a slightly darker shade with seats and backrest in a lighter nuance of the same hue. This interplay of colors lends the chair a distinctive look and transports its classic shape into a contemporary context.

Designer: Jasper Morrison, 2016
Manufacturer: Vitra
Dimensions: 16.25"w | 16.75"d | 30"h | seat height: 17.5"


  • Back, Seat, and Legs: Dyed-through Polypropylene
  • Two-tone colors
  • Highly resistant to sunlight and water
  • Suitable for outdoor use, home dining rooms, cafés, restaurants, and other public venues
  • Available Early 2017

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