bruunmunch PLAY Round Coffee Tables


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  • Sold out 29.5"
  • Sold out 35.4"
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  • Sold out Oak Soap
  • Sold out Oak White Oil
  • Sold out Oak Oil
  • Sold out Oak Smoked Oil
  • Sold out Walnut Oil
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  • Sold out 12.6"
  • Sold out 15"
  • Sold out 17.3"
  • Sold out 19.7"

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bruunmunch PLAY Round Coffee Table

Perfect for nesting, PLAY coffee tables and side tables represent the signature series that marked bruunmunch as a phenomenon to be reckoned with in the world of furniture. The collection serves as a multi-functional addition to any home - singular as well as combined. PLAY coffee tables and side tables are available in multiple diameters, leg heights, and wood finish options. These variants allows you to play with colors and sizes, customizing them perfectly for your space.

Designer: Henrik Bruun and Jacob Munch
Manufacturer: bruunmunch

  •  29.5"Ø X 12.6"h, 15"h, 17.3"h, or 19.7"h (44cm Ø x 32cm, 38cm, 44cm, or 50cm h)
  • 35.4"Ø X 12.6"h, 15"h, 17.3"h, or 19.7"h (50 cm Ø x 32cm, 38cm, 44cm, or 50cm h)

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