Eduardo Chillida Mano 1993 rug by nanimarquina

Chillida's artistic nuances are thoughtfully translated in the Mano Rug, a hand drawn black and white illustration of the human hand.

To pay homage to the artist, Nani Marquina created the Chillida collection based on a chronological selection of his work: Figura Humana - 1948, Dibujo Tinta - 1957, and Collage - 1966, pieces that reflect the gestation process of his renowned sculpture: Peine del Viento located in San Sebastián. The collection also includes two depictions of his famous hands: Mano and Manos from the ‘90s, and Gravitación from 1993 and 1994.

The Chillida rug collection is all handmade using various techniques and fibers, such as wool, silk, and hand-spun mohair, to create different textures, showcasing the essence of his work.

Mano is made of 100% hand woven New Zealand wool.

Designer: Eduardo Chillida, 1993

Manufacturer: Nani Marquina
Dimensions: 5'7" x 9' (170cm x 275cm)

NaniMarquina Chillida Rug Collection Spec Sheet

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